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My name is Batya Orlofsky

img_1434I live in Israel and I am a fully qualified Thrive Programme® Consultant, working in Moshav Yonatan.

Hi and welcome on my site.

So, here’s my story:

Ever since I can remember myself I have had a serious phobia. I had severe Emetophobia my entire life. I always feared having kids because I didn’t know how I would deal with them when they got sick but I figured maybe if it’s my kids I would be able to handle it. Boy was I wrong… Anxiety got worse, with every meal they ate I would have panic attacks, with the slightest fever I made my husband stay with them in case they threw up. The feeling of not being able to be near my kids when they needed me most was so painful and I felt like the worst mother in the world. How can I be afraid of my own kids??

My child would be miserable and in pain and all she wants is her mother but I can’t be there for her because I’m too afraid? It had to end… I looked into different treatments for phobias, it all sounded pointless but I started going to therapy, I was desperate. The therapist dug so far into my past, finding every possible trigger, nothing made sense and yet she insisted that the reason I had a phobia was due to trauma. She validated my phobia and anxiety, she said it made sense and it was ok. It wasn’t ok. It didn’t make sense. I refused to believe that this was “normal” and expected because of my childhood. It just didn’t add up. She tried convincing me that my life was difficult, that I got married too young or had kids too soon- But how can that be the problem when I’m so happy? and when I have this phobia since I was a child? It wasn’t my life that cause this phobia, I was very happy with my life, I only had this one thing holding me back, this one phobia that made me feel like my life could never be normal because of it. It didn’t add up and I stopped seeing her.

I joined support groups on Facebook and came across a post asking if anyone ever tried The Thrive programme. Thats when my life changed. I read about it, and for the first time ever- I read something that actually made sense! Reading Rob’s description of Emetophobia and how it feels and how debilitating it is, I felt like finally someone actually gets it. And the solution seemed so obvious! Thrive doesn’t only work, it makes sense. I needed a treatment that made sense, that didn’t just blame an outside source for something so external. Anxiety is something caused by the person who has it. And only that person can change themself. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? And yet, it’s so hard to change. Why? Because people with anxiety or a phobia of any sort trained their minds to think a certain way. Yes, the solution is simple, and clear- train your mind to think differently. Thrive teaches you HOW to do just that. It takes some work, and there are good days and bad, but the results are mind-blowing!

I went through the programme and took my time doing so (though theoretically it can be done withing 4-6 weeks). When I was finished I decided I needed to help others overcome their fears and anxieties because I strongly believe, I KNOW that someone who wants the change – can make it happen.
I went through the training program and learned everything there is to know about the Thrive programme.

I am now a licensed Thrive consultant in Israel, practicing in the Golan Heights and VIA skype. I am happy to help you get through the programme if you are ready for serious changes in your life!

Please get in touch and we can discuss how The Thrive Programme® can help you now so that ” you happen to life instead of life happening to you”.

As a Thrive Programme® Consultant, I am bound by the ATPC Code of Conduct and Ethics

You can call me on:: 0546856806
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