THRIVErs! written stories

…After years of wondering why l was so negative and had very low self esteem, rarely having truly happy times, I decided to try the Thrive way. I am so glad l did, as it has allowed me to understand my thought patterns and change them to not only positive ones, but action them too. Now l feel so happy and know l can do anything l want to – l am Thriving! Paul

…sleeping was a real issue for me, I had tried a number of well-known remedies but none had worked. Over just this short period of time not only did my sleeping vastly improve, but my self-esteem grew, I had a lot less social anxiety and I was generally a lot happier, more positive and felt more in control of my own life… I have noticed a big change in myself since starting Thrive, and I know these changes will not be short lived. I am incredibly thankful to both Claire and the Thrive Programme® for what they have done for me, and I am thrilled to say that I now have a ‘Thrive attitude’!

…I found the program extremely useful to help develop an understanding of the way I think and perceive things around me, particularly with regards to self esteem and the locus of control/need for external validation. The Thrive Programme® is extremely clear and having Fiona to guide me through the various exercises and help challenge some very ingrained ways of thinking was an excellent combination. Helena

…I got my self confidence back. Started to do things which I was afraid to do before (to make a phone call to strangers or ask someone to meet up). Now depression is in the past for me, I am loosing weight and every single day I am stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying my new life with more confidence, joy and knowledge that I build my life as I want it to be and that I am making my own happiness.

…Being able to recognise how you are thinking and feeling is probably one of the most important things you can learn in life and has helped me not only overcome the depression I felt last year but also to deal with various situations in the future. I would highly recommend to anyone suffering addiction, depression, anxiety and low self confidence as well as phobias. There are a lot of trashy ‘self help’ books out there but this one really is ‘the real deal’.

Thanks Rob!


My anxiety was at an all time high and confidence at an all time low. With Sarah’s insight, she helped me realise how my unhelpful thinking was at the root of my issues. She took me through The Thrive programme and it was done at a pace to suit me – with lots of encouragement, plenty of support through the blips and some laughs along the way. My confidence has improved dramatically, I barely blush now and generally feel much more relaxed.


I had experienced serious depression and a considerable degree of social anxiety for as long as I can remember… all that has changed in a matter of weeks… I am facing my future, even my present, for the first time in years, with energy, zeal and optimism. The change is remarkable and I can not thank Helen enough, or recommend the programme more strongly. The progress I made was real and quantifiable. THRIVE is a winning formula to a happier future.

Dean, Derby

…I had suffered from anxiety and sleeplessness… at the end of the programme I felt much more confident and in control, able to sleep well at night without sleeping tablets and was also able to stop the anti-depressants I had been on for years. I am no longer scared to voice my opinion or stick up for myself, which in turn has actually led me to have much better relationships with my husband, friends, family and work colleagues. I will be eternally grateful to Stephen for helping me to change my life, and would recommend anyone with self-esteem or confidence issues to give the ‘Thrive’ programme a go. Rachael.

 …within them six weeks I felt a miraculous change within myself which helped all aspects of my life. It not only made me feel more confident and in control of life, I also found it reduced my stress levels and increased my self-esteem dramatically. So far it has enabled me to see life in a completely different light. Consequently, I can therefore say that I am actually ‘thriving’ and not just surviving. Natalie.

Life Changing!!!!!! I had been creating anxiety on and off for many years and was at an all time low… within a week I started feeling confident that I could change my beliefs. This progress continued… I can honestly say I feel like a different person. I would recommend this program to anyone with problems that prevent them from leading the life they want to lead… I will never encounter the same limiting beliefs that I had when I first met Jane ever again. Thank you so much.

A. Miller

…In between sessions my confidence grew and the Thrive book became my new best friend…

…the thing I enjoyed the most was the relief of the anxiety and managing my thoughts positively. Stephen has been an amazing friend to me and changed my life forever!


…I’ve banished negative thoughts, have high self esteem and choose to be capable and happy. Without putting myself though diets I’ve also managed to lose 1 stone already and know the final stone will follow steadily behind – because I’ve re-found my love of running and no longer feel the need to eat a lot of junk food.

Sue, 35

‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’

For the past 30 years of my life, I have had a debilitating fear of vomiting in public. Over the past 12 years I have spent thousands of dollars on “treatment” for my Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder, Depression and Emetophobia nothing I tried worked. My life was an absolute mess! My fears were affecting my marriage, my children and my health. I was at breaking point… I discovered ‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’. Since completing this program, I haven’t vomited in 4 weeks! This program is not a magic cure you have to do the work. Rob Kelly’s book taught me how to live without fear of my own thinking and I am forever grateful as is my family.


(Melbourne, Australia)

I feel much more in control of my thoughts and emotions now. I’m not as hard on myself as I was previously and I can accept any negative experiences much more freely without them impacting on my life for a long period of time.


The depression is over… I was a great candidate for Thrive. It’s easy, it’s wise, it’s my guide I refer to when life gets a bit tough, I can’t swallow it but I’d take this book over any anti depressant any day. Do the same, you owe it to yourself!!!!!

Lou Wood

Essential Read to Overcome Issues

After spending years suffering from insomnia, anxiety attacks and general self-esteem issues with frequent doctors visits to no-avail, I found the unique approach taken by Rob Kelly in this book excellent… he demonstrates how to change your internal thinking to overcome your issues. This book helped in all areas of my life… thanks Amy Smith for recommending and guiding me through it!

Gareth Mills

The biggest ‘relief’ is that I realise my past is the past. I’m far less concerned about how others view me and feel more confident socially. I can better control my thinking and dismiss negative thoughts quickly and easily. I would urge anyone who has any kind of depression or fear to go through these sessions with Stephen. I have very (surprisingly) easily gone from not caring whether I lived or not, to now looking forward to each day and celebrating all the good stuff I have achieved.


Thrive Works…I know how to deal with problems that come my way. A life enriching change has happened for me.


I feel a lot more confident in day to day life. I am not afraid to speak out in group situations any more. The whole experience has made me a lot happier than I was. I am looking forward to the future now and how I can influence what direction my life takes. Thank you very much Claire for everything.

Stephen Squire, 44, technical author, Gloucester

Thrive Health Happiness and Success

I suffered with depression and anxiety. Thrive changed this. I was able to change the very limiting belief systems which were crushing my enthusiasm for life… I not only seemed better psychologically but physically. Without even consciously thinking about it, I was walking with less pain, managing stairs better and losing weight. I would highly recommend this book to those who are mentally or physically challenged. I am thriving thanks to Rob Kelly and his wonderful book. “Every day in every way I am making my life better and better”.

Dr. Catherine Dalton

Superb…this programme has proved to be far more effective than any tablet. Above all I have far more self control and motivation. Thrive gave me a new lease of life. I hope one day it is introduced to the NHS it would save millions of pounds and help so many people who don’t need medication but need to be taught “how to think”. Brilliant book, a massive thank you to Rob Kelly.


I can gain a level of calm and relaxation I never thought possible, allowing me to feel fully in control of my life. I enjoyed every minute… self-realisation, you can change anything if you want, you are in control!



A very straight forward “No bs” positive approach. Perfect common sense and easy to digest. “ Thrive”… has made me feel more in control of my life and not ruled by my anxious thinking. I would totally recommend this book to anybody who wants to “Thrive” and get on with their life, be successful, healthy and happy.


I first experienced anxiety as a young girl and over the years I’ve tried to deal with it, but to no avail. There’s been occasions where anxiety has ruled my life and ruined my relationships. I found the Thrive programme challenging, insightful and fun. Some sections even seemed like they were written about me! It didn’t take long before my self esteem started to increase and as it did, other areas of my life started to fall into place. I’ve learnt so much about myself and how to stop myself feeling anxious & manage my thinking if a hiccup in my day/life occurs. It’s not something someone can solely teach you, you have to learn it yourself by creating your own evidence by completing the tasks. I’m continuing to use the tools I’ve learnt every day.

Jo x

I used to be unhappy, out of control, very angry and smash things, I lacked self-confidence. Now I am very confident, more successful both in my career and what hobbies I take part in. I am now less stressed and enjoy more of what I do…


After years of heavy smoking and hospitalisation twice because of this, I knew I had to stop. I’d stopped smoking several times over the years; it had always been a very difficult thing to do. You name it, I’d tried it, patches, gum, inhalers, drugs; it was always a real struggle… Really, I had given up hope of ever being happy. I didn’t understand why my life seemed so hard, why I suffered from so much anxiety, anger and feelings of powerlessness. I went on with Kate’s help to turn my life around, with the Thrive Programme®. I’m pleased to say things are now very different; in fact I am very different. I’ve discovered that the answer to all my problems lies within me and I am now enjoying life as never before. For me, now, misery is optional and I no longer have to suffer unnecessarily. I’ve learned how to be happy and it’s surprisingly easy.

…as a busy company owner trying to deal with bouts of serious depression. It finally took its toll earlier this year. My Doctor advised the usually medication and suggested that it would be better for me to be taking a small dose forever rather than constantly trying to give them up. Although incredibly low I could not bear to take the pills… In Just three weeks I was not only free from depression but actively losing weight and feeling the best I had in as long as I can remember. I have since recommended other people to the programme and can honestly say my daily life’s not only easier but actually so much more enjoyable. I never realised I did not sleep through the night until I actually started sleeping through… this was the best things Ive done with my life in years. Im now confident and happy.

Thanks again to Jon Froggatt and Rob Kelly

…I had never been in the same room as a dog without screaming and crying uncontrollably I decided it was time to change! Today, I have stroked a dog for the first time! I am so proud of myself for using the DREAM technique and understanding that I was causing the fear myself with my badly managed thinking. And most importantly, that thinking CAN be changed! Previously diagnosed as an “IBS sufferer”, I have stopped taking my prescribed medication too. I have realised that by managing my thoughts well has stopped the incredible pain I used to suffer. This has almost completely disappeared. Thank you for helping me to realise that I CAN change my life and do ANYTHING I put my mind too!!


Hi Claire

My life has been enhanced by an increase in confidence, self esteem… and knowing that my life is under my control and anything is possible! The Thrive Programme®… helped me recognise that my unhelpful thinking styles were clouding my outlook on life. I am so grateful.

I have not had any anxiety since I last saw you and although I have had the occasional hot flush I have managed to ignore it and not let it develop into an episode. I would recommend you to any one…

regards Dave

“I’ve just signed up for a big challenge for charity. A year ago I would not have had the confidence to even think I could do this. I’m in a much better place now with regard to my ‘thinking’ and I would like to pass on a big thank you for helping me reach this point”


I realise now that for over 3 years I had been making myself depressed. I was taking anti-depressant medication and sleeping pills and I felt fluffy and foggy for a lot of the time. Then my mum died and things just got worse. After a couple of sessions I felt less helpless and I could feel I was getting control of my life back… it was the realisation that I was responsible for the way I thought and felt that was an important part of me making the changes. After a while I stopped taking the sleeping tablets. I completed the six sessions with Derek and shortly afterwards spoke to my GP about gradually coming off the anti-depressants as I felt I no longer needed them. Now, one year down the line I am doing really well, I am drug free and giving up my job and retraining, I have such a zest for life now. I do sometimes have a low moment but I remember what I have learnt and can soon turn it around. At the moment I’m going through a sad period as my father is dying but because I have done Thrive I now have the knowledge and tools to know I will cope with this and come out the other side. I have achieved a lot. Well done me!


… I was feeling as if I had ‘lost my way’ in life I am a wife, a mum of four… one of my issues and challenges was my 21 month old daughter I called her a hard, difficult child… that week proved to be the foundation of the bond my daughter and I had begun. I am forever thankful to Rita and the Thrive Program, the workbook sits pride of place at my bedside… xxx

I’ve got my life back!

I’ve suffered with a phobia for many years and has gradually got worse and worse as time has gone on. The work really starts at the end of the course when you are confronted with situations… Hooray! Not only did the course deal with my phobia but it has also made me a stronger person who believes they can do anything and be anything. I am more confident, happy in myself and looking forward to life and all it has to offer. I can not recommend Ginny enough and will always thank her for helping me take the necessary steps to a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life.


“A nurse, suffering with emetophobia… there seemed no way out… life was exhausting… my self-esteem was low, leaving me feeling very vulnerable. I found it amazingly easy to talk to Richard, and will always remember his genuine concern, and desire to help his clients. I enjoyed every session, finding all the new information fascinating, and left every one motivated, enthusiastic, and smiling!

Now I realise that “this thing” of which I was so scared, does not actually exist, except in my thoughts…..WOW!

Wendy B

After 4 years of suffering with M.E.The Thrive Programme® has given me the tools to totally change my perspective for the future and shown me how to take control of my life. Now my new thinking process is having a positive impact on my health, I no longer have severe symptoms of muscle and joint pain, painful glands, palpitations, dizziness, IBS etc. I no longer wake several times during the night with night sweats and feeling fatigued in the morning. I no longer need to be chaperoned, I have now regained my full independence and I am in the process of starting my own business. I left each session full of confidence my self-esteem continued to grow and within weeks I was driving again after 4 years! I truly believe that I have learned so much and will continue to learn from these sessions. I would like to say a big thank you to my Thrive Consultant® Rita Smith who is full of energy, passionate about her work and will leave you empowered and ready to face the world. I highly recommend The Thrive Programme® to anyone who is suffering with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia.

Laura T – Harlow

…I was suffering from social anxiety and panic attacks. It got to the point in which, I rarely left the house and wouldn’t go into social situations. Missing out on all the things teenagers would do was hard. With Alison’s’ help, guidance and support my perspective of situations has changed. Going from being isolated and not attending college; I’m now studying sports massage therapy, a Kinesiology practitioner and gaining work experience with a UK professional cycling team. I’m now never missing social situations and throwing myself into everything that I do. Thank you!


I was working extremely hard developing a new business; working all hours and trying to bring up a family who I hardly saw. My moods were very erratic – I was good with clients and my staff but when I was at home I was not great to be with. My head was filled with the fear of failure… over the next few weeks I discovered how controlling and negative and scared and stressed and anxious and obsessed and…. I’d become. Within the first few weeks I’d started seeing things in a more positive light and began believing that I could do anything I put my mind to.

My time with Kate was incredible, genuinely life changing – I still work hard, but I take time out, I am not scared to stop. and guess what? I get more done!

I am thriving!

Helped CFS 

…I find it has helped me immensely to cope with the emotional stress associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I have noticed my energy levels increase!


…I can now say “No” without feeling guilty, and no longer feel like a doormat. Self esteem is through the roof and the dreaded social anxiety is for the most part sorted. I’m now pushing myself with new things and its great.

C. O. Bell

The Thrive Programme® changed everything for me!

I would recommend to ANYONE who suffers from a phobia, from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, stress, hypochondria, and SO MANY OTHER things. With Rob’s unique, non-patronising way of communicating with his readers, he makes you explore your mind, exercise your mind and establish a strong sense of self. You can adapt the programme to anything you know is holding you back – from smoking to being overweight or lacking in confidence.


My son was suffering extreme social anxiety, blushing and total lack of self worth. He also admitted that on occasions he would not sleep over worry and anxiety. It was after the second session that I started to notice the difference in him… his moods were lighter and he started to talk more openly to me.

It has now been several months since our last session and… he has trained his brain to work well in any situation. He likes himself and being with others, he believes that he is capable of anything he puts his mind to. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Clare for all her help and making this course so enjoyable, it never felt like hard work. Until reading Thrive you do not understand how important it is to train your thought patterns and that your quality of life will be so much better if you do. Many thanks.

Mrs T

I have been suffering from bad nerves, panic and depression for as long as I can remember. I also started having very very black days of depression. At this point I decided to seek help… I have not looked back. My depression has ended and so have my panic attacks. This is all down to Sarah and the Thrive Program and I can’t thank her and Rob enough. This is my little mantra. “Everyday in every way I make myself better and better” It works. Give it a go you wont regret it.


I went through the program not really expecting too much… my outlook has changed. I can see now that I was the one limiting myself and putting negative stamps over most parts of my life and attitude. This has now stopped and I am so much more happier and confident. I no longer dwell on issues that dont need dwelling on and I dont waste my time and energy on issues or people that do not deserve it. Pat was calm and confident and really made me feel at ease throughout the sessions. She really knew how to pinpoint exactly how I was feeling and behaving…overall I am thrilled I went into the program and I would highly recommend it.

Clare Marx

…I AM IN CONTROL of my life. I am calmer, can control my thought processes and recognise when there is a blip looming. My migraines have halved and I feel much better in myself.

Pat K

Following the ‘Thrive’ programme… was the best thing that I could have done. I started the programme feeling unhappy and not in control of my life. It is amazing how our thinking styles and thoughts can effect our lives so dramatically. I have a more positive outlook on life, more self-belief and much higher self-esteem. I want to thank Patrick for his support and guidance.

Miss B.M

Life changing

Anyone who knows anything about emetophobia will know that it effects every single aspect of your life and is extremely debilitating. My beliefs, coping mechanisms and behaviour had been repeated every day for 20 years and within one month all of this changed.

Kirsty R

“I’ve never been so grateful for the existence of a programme which genuinely is so different and helpful over therapies such as CBT. A major example of my problems included feeling depressed on a regular basis and using alcohol and destructive behaviours as a way to mask these feelings. Thrive is an actively engaging programme which… made me realise that what happened to me in the past is the past, and by simply re-gaining control of my thoughts and therefore actions, I am the happiest I could have ever imagined… those feelings of sadness and helplessness are a genuine distant memory and I’ve never felt so in control of all my emotions. Even if theres someone out there with minor confidence issues, giving up addictions, or weight-loss, theres nothing I would recommend more than this programme. It lasts forever, because you don’t just leave the programme with a list of techniques and ideas, you leave a changed you.”



After seeing Patrick and going through the Thrive Programme® with him, I have seen a massive improvement in my emetophobia and constant obsessing about sickness. I know that I’ve still got to keep working at this but Thrive has given me the tools to be able to do this

Mrs H.W.


3 years fatigue cured in 24 hours

Purchased by husband on Amazon after searching for books on Post Viral Fatigue. Over 3 years of post viral fatigue symtoms cured completely once he had worked through this book doing one chapter per day. It explained everything he needed to know about how his mind worked, what was causing the problem and most importantly what to do to fix it. Results were immediate after even the first session and he hasn’t looked back in 6 weeks nor does he have any concerns that he will.


I am fourteen years oldand I have lived with emetophobia since I was five. After nine years of a variety of therapies I finally found something that taught me that I had the power within me to overcome my fears. I started Thrive after a period of anxiety that left me unable to go to school, sleep, eat, or function in any rational way. After doing ONE session of Thrive, I realized that I had the ability to live a life without fear. Now I am living a happy/healthy life!


…just knowing that I am in control of my thoughts has empowered me to control anxieties about harming my child. I used to live on the edge asking myself why I was having these thoughts, now I know I am in control and I know they have no meaning to me. Cara is such an easy person to speak to and is non judgemental, she was really interested in me getting better, I would recommend to anyone.


I was caught in a negative spiral, and even though I felt I was being positive and pro-active towards my challenges, I was incorrect. Just thinking you’re a positive person doesn’t necessarilly mean that you are. Greg taught me the positive mental approach to any negative situation and I can whole heartily say that this is absolutely amazing. You don’t even have to believe it works, if you just use it… I never thought I’d feel this empowered, this is what you hear about and see on the tv and always think its a load of blah blah blah, but something so simple and easy to use, truly works. This is something I will be using for the rest of my days, I feel no challenge is too great.

Hey Danny; having come to you 3 sessions ago feeling very low in my self-confidence and constantly worried, I now feel happy. As I continue to apply your techniques and work through the handbook I feel more and more confident in realising these positive changes as permanent ones. Thank you!

Susan Parr

I am very aware of how I deal with my worries, and am constantly improving, this in turn is giving me confidence which makes me feel happy. Thank you Simon.

Best wishes Ruth.

I suffered very low self esteem and other anxieties which caused IBS, headaches and tiredness to name a few. I now have much higher self – esteem and am enjoying social activities and enjoying life to the full. I know that if I challenge my thoughts and beliefs on a daily basis my IBS and headaches etc will disappear as I can make this happen. I would definately recommend seeing Beaula if you want to get sorted out once and for all!

Many many thanks.


…within weeks my confidence levels have increased by 100%…


Having experienced insomnia over nearly forty years… I now sleep soundly – a new experience and one to cherish. In addition, my social confidence and self-belief have improved beyond measure.


…I have lost nearly 3 Stone and its been really easy. Many thanks for your help in getting me on the right path and changing my approach to food. Kind Regards. Heather

“I had suffered with Anxiety / Panic attacks… in 5-6 sessions I was fixed!!! I really enjoyed my sessions, I used to come out of there, the HAPPIEST I have ever been, so much so that my partner said I am now completely different… the only person you need rely on to fix You, is YOU! Thanks Richard!!!”

…I have since lost 3kgs :-D. Mental barriers that I experienced before are now melting away and I am pushing fear aside. I feel more optimistic about life and I believe that I can and have anything that I set my mind to.

…it has completely changed my life around. I no longer feel restricted by things and feel like I have had a new start. I now know I can succeed in anything I put my mind to. After suffering with depression and lack of confidence for the majority of my life, I didn’t expect much from the course initially…How wrong was I? I am now completely off the anti depressants that I have been on for the last 3 years and feel so very confident in everything I choose to do. I was honestly so impressed with the course. Thanks again Paul.

as a parent of 13 year old Daughter that has suffered for many years with anxiety and Emetophobia it was so upsetting, frustrating and exhausting to see and hear her suffering every day. From having only 6 family sessions completely changed my daughters way of thinking and reasoning. She is now able to answer her own fears with a logical answers and take control of her life again…

Many thanks, E, N & S

Instead of waiting for things to come along, I can make them happen. If a difficult situation arises, I am able to deal with it in a positive way instead of feeling helpless. I have found I am more relaxed in general and probably nicer to be around!

Anna Keirle

I now feel empowered and ready to take on life’s challenges.


…my clothes are much looser and I feel so much better about myself and my ability to reach my target. I just don’t think about food anymore unless I am hungry or planning a meal. It no longer dominates my thoughts which is brilliant!


…for the first time in my life I feel in control of my eating and a lot more confident in myself that I can reach my goal. I am sleeping better and not worrying so much.


My fear of dogs used to take over my life, I was petrified. After 2 weeks both my family and myself could see a HUGE difference, I can now walk down the street without feeling afraid of a passing dog.

Thanks for everything Jane!

I had suffered for years with emetophobia and anxiety and thought I would have one more try at ridding myself of it! In a few weeks I realised that not only had my phobia improved but also the anxiety that I had been plagued with all my life was going… I am getting better all the time.


I now believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and learning this one fact has enabled me to take on new challenges such as starting up my own business with confidence. I’ve learned so much about myself that has allowed me to cope better with previously scary or stressful situations. I used to say that I suffered from emetophobia, like I was a victim of this uncontrollable thing. After my sessions with Claire I now understand that my phobia stems from mismanaged thinking and that I have the power to control how and what I think about. These sessions have given me back control over my life and as a result I feel so positive about the future.

I am involved in a very competitive performance art and was looking to get rid of the nagging doubts, fears and concerns that sometimes affected my self-belief… they negatively affected my performance. I was amazed to find how much all of this was within my own control and grasp. Once I understood the logic I took it and ran with it and I’d have to say that the experience, as well as being thoroughly worthwhile in terms of its effectiveness, was also extremely interesting. Thanks Stephen!

I am living much happier, healthier, and confident.


Once you discover that you have choices and that you can change the way you currently think and feel you will be chomping at the bit to change your limiting beliefs. I choose to take control… my confidence has soared and my self esteem is off the scale. Thanks Rob.


I was suffering with Anxiety, Depression and Separation Anxiety. I also had great difficulty sleeping! I can honestly say I am not the same person I was five months ago. I have turned into the most confident person I have ever been. I feel I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

…after more than 10 years of avoiding walking and driving any path or road which involved height, and not even that high sometimes, my life had become limited. Then I went through the THRIVE programme. I am so much a different person and continue to improve. My first trip up to a mountain restaurant my wife has wanted me to go to for 9 years was simply fantastic; You have changed my life.

Best Regards Tom

This course has completely changed my life, more than I ever thought it would. I feel confident in everything I do. My glass is definitely half full now! My social anxiety and self esteem were both holding me back. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone.

I had chronic fatigue, was very unhappy, thought very negatively and had a phobia of food. While I was on holiday in Thailand I tried pizza, prawns and the Indian food we were given on the plane! It is getting easier to try things and when I look at certain dishes now I think I’d like to try them instead of thinking they look awful. Thank you so much for all your help. The course has changed my life and I can’t put into words how grateful I am.

I Had tried everything to control life-long anxiety and nothing worked, until now! I have always suffered from panic attacks and thought there was no way out. I was getting to the point of wanting to give up altogether… in 6 sessions I was cured! No Really – I am completely cured!!! I learnt how to stop myself feeling helpless and useless to being confident and capable to do anything I want to do. I can now enjoy doing things I never thought I could. I have changed my life – IT REALLY WORKS!!!”


Brilliant – everyone should read it – especially those with cancer

“This has – quite simply – changed my life. I’m not sure I would still be alive today – were it not for Robs book, and the information contained within it. Six months ago I was in a terrible state, undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer. The doctors told me I was going to be dead soon, and I believed them: I was depressed, listless, didn’t want to eat, was just waiting for the grim reaper to come knocking. Then someone suggested the Rob Kelly technique… I have completely changed my thinking, my entire outlook on life, and AM STILL ALIVE!!! Buy this book for yourself, and buy five copies for your friends as well. Send a copy to anyone you know who is ill, and make sure your kids read it too. I used to have a bible in the drawer next to my bed, now I have this! Thanks Rob and Charlotte, from the bottom of my (still ticking!) heart.

Peter Hastings

Claire helped me to overcome my phobia of sick and panic attacks. After being told by my doctor that I had a “mental illness” I was at a loose end and wondered if I would ever be able to live a life that wasn’t controlled by my phobia. It helped me to gain control of my life again and feel excited to start living without having to worry about sick. For the first time in years, I sat in the middle aisle at the cinema without worrying someone was going to be sick and I even had an ice cream halfway through. I used to avoid parties and big events with alcohol but now I am looking forward to joining in with my friends and also having a few drinks myself. I’ve even come off all my tablets as I feel I don’t need them anymore. Some times in life you need someone who can help you to help yourself.

Only a few weeks I feel a different person! Definitely worth a try.

Will, Essex

I had come off an extremely hard year having lost my job and my confidence along with a ridiculous amount of money. I couldn’t get back on my feet no matter what tried. I was failing ridiculously to establish a relationship with the countless numbers of women I had been “serial” dating. I couldn’t get either my personal life or my professional life to work out. Within a few sessions I had started to rapidly turn things around in my favour. I not only started seeing and successfully establishing a long term relationship with the girl of my dreams I have established a confident CV which is now getting me multiples of interviews for the jobs I want! I can’t thank Richard enough and if  the last three months are anything to go by 2010 is going to be amazing!!!

I came to Clare looking for support in managing an increasingly debilitating fear of driving onto slip roads, which made me feel inadequate and foolish. I was not expecting this process to become life changing! I feel more in control in social situations and at work and I know that my choices will dictate what happens next. The Thrive programme is perfect for those of us who know that we carry ‘baggage’ that may have affected the choices we have made in the past, but are ready to move forward with confidence and conviction. Thank you, not for what you have done for me, but for what you have enabled me to do for myself. JS Sudbury.

Patrick helped me enormously at a point of low self esteem and severe lack of confidence in both my work and social life. I am back to my old self but noticeably stronger and more assertive in business.

Mr A.M.

…I have been experiencing a number of life changes and personal and work related challenges and… I am coming out on top with greater self esteem. There have been many times when in the past I would have spent time dwelling on the difficulties to face. Instead I have counted the successes. I have also found that I am taking more pleasure in day to day activities… I am pleased that I now have these tools to help me to make the most of life and would like to share them with others.

Karen C

…I thought I needed Hypnoband treatment. I didn’t. The Thrive programme re-educated me. The result ? – One stone lost in the first two months, a much decreased stress level and a plan of action incorporating many small but measurable things, together with some bigger targets. I would recommend the Thrive programme to anyone who says they can’t do something. Change your thinking and you can!


I am now in control of my compulsive eating habit. It is easy and actually pleasurable to decide not to eat the snacks, cakes etc. I feel more confident and actually much happier generally. It has changed how I treat and speak to my children and colleagues.

Having not felt myself after a virus and a long period of coping with a stressful situation, I then started to develop  horrifying thoughts, which quickly flooded my mind to the point where I couldn’t sleep, socialise or work. Worried I was developing a serious mental illness and felt I could lose control at anytime, I contacted Alison. I am absolutely thrilled with the speed of my recovery and I am now living a full, healthy and happy life.


I found the experience amazingly helpful, I found out so much about myself that I never quite understood before. I feel like I can do anything I want in life now. I highly recommend the Thrive Programme® to anybody who is considering it. You won’t regret it!

Shane J

“I now feel more confident and can understand why I felt so negative. I am 50 this year and I feel like I am on the threshold of life!!! No more negative thoughts for me. I now look and observe people in a different way… this has given me my life back.”


When I began the thrive programme I was in a continual cycle of feeling low, not achieving any goals and feeling deeply frustrated with my life. The stress and frustration had manifested in physical symptoms of insomnia and bouts of crying and feeling desperately out of control. I can now say, hand on heart, that The Thrive Programme® has given me the tools to lift myself out of that cycle – I have regained a self confidence I had forgotten existed! I highly recommend Clare and the programme – she is enthusiastic about her work and extremely competent and has helped me help myself get back to feeling positive and happy about my world… take your first step to feeling good and sign up!

Mrs W

Doing the Thrive programme has been an eye opening experience. In just a few short weeks, I have gone from dreading any kind of social activities to embracing them and enjoying them with open arms. It is such a relief to no longer be afraid to go to the local supermarket for the food shop. Before meeting Alison I hadn’t set foot in a large supermarket for a couple of months… now,  I don’t even think twice about going in to get my food, and I no longer notice the bright lights and hundreds of items available for purchasing. I hope that other people with fears, phobias and anxieties would think about doing The Thrive Programme® because it has truly changed my life.

Suzanne Phipps

My husband has a progressive illness, was in hospital for assessment, and it had been agreed by all concerned that a Care Home was best for him; my guilt over that decision was overwhelming. Building week by week, I felt my whole attitude changing. I have developed a positive approach to life – I will try anything now, and if I don’t succeed I will adjust my thinking. I overcame my guilt and could see that it was my decision for him to be cared for in a lovely local care home. I keep my Thrive workbook close at hand.

Kindest regards,

Jan x

…I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wishes to change their life in any way, big or small. Go for it (especially the sceptics!) – challenge yourself!!!

Claire Mendonca

I am now free to enjoy activities without fear or anxiety stopping me. I enjoyed every minute, it’s been worth every penny. Thank you so much Claire!

Absolutely tremendous….

The programme has help me with confidence, stress and relationship issues. After just two sessions I noticed massive changes in me, in seeing positives in so much more and realising that I am in control of my life – which benefits confidence, self esteem and mannerisms. This is a superb approach and I would just like to say a big thank you for helping change my life.


THRIVE technique is brilliant. I went to see Rob feeling very anxious and depressed and in a lot of physical pain. I had convinced  myself (and my doctor) that another course of anti-depressants was all that was between me and total break down. After one session, I ditched the pills. Within a month I found myself agreeing to give a talk on autism at Rob’s annual IAPH conference and accepting an invitation to Estonia to co present two autism training days and give a talk about my work.  (I was very anxious about public speaking and hated flying!) I even found myself reassuring a nervous passenger on the plane and I am no longer crippled by the fear of long term pain or have anxiety about the future.

Koren Wilmer May 2012.

I now enjoy life… I can appreciate what I have and what I can do. I’m no longer desperate. I’m so grateful for being empowered. It’s all so simple really if you’ve got someone to show you the way. Thank you Claire.

The biggest lesson to face was that all my ‘problems’ were caused by me, and not anyone else. We live in a culture where it is very easy to blame external sources for our issues, but once I had learned that I was the cause, I realised that I could also be the cure. I now believe that any issue no matter how big or small, can be broken down and completely resolved. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking to gain a complete understanding of how their mind works. How little habits you didn’t even realise you had can dramatically effect the way you view your life and how powerful you can feel when you change them for the better. I would like to say a big thank you to Ginny for helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


…I was constantly worrying and anxiety was getting me down. On my first session I felt different after leaving the room. I felt ‘normal’ within myself. I have learnt how to manage my thinking and to cope with situations better. I would definitely recommend Claire to anyone who is suffering and letting anxiety take over their life, put a stop to it now, it’s worth the money all day long.

…my reading went incredibly well. Having previously broken out in cold sweats with a pounding heart just at the thought of public speaking, yesterday I wasn’t the least bit nervous before or during the reading and I actually enjoyed it!


For a number of years I had struggled with stress due to juggling a high pressure job in London, a young family and the loss of my mother. These pressures left me feeling exhausted, anxious and low in confidence. I can safely say it was amazing and after just one session I could already see the benefits and felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I learnt that the way I was feeling was being created by myself… I now feel completely in control of my life which has got rid of my anxieties and raised my self-esteem and confidence. My working and family life has benefited no end from the thrive programme and I would recommend it to anyone.

Fundamentally life changing

I had a severe social phobia since I was 11 up until 6 months (I am now 36) …intense and unprovoked blushing, crippling self doubt and an absolute fear of school and being amongst my peers. I would cry everyday… constant anxiety and palpitations… I felt traumatised. Over the years I have seen maybe a dozen different councillors, therapists, hypnotherapists, Chinese herbalists and have been prescribed everything from Beta blockers to anti depressants and I’ve also read A LOT of self help books. Nothing worked. I realised the most fundamental thing was that in all my years of therapy I was searching for someone to ‘fix’ me but this teaches you to fix yourself… there is something deeply powerful about this… I now am so much happier and grateful for everything I have and feel much more confident. There is no hocus pocus in this and no psycho babble, just simple undeniable advice… the benefits are enormous.


Hi Claire,

I wanted to say thanks for your help, I have more belief in myself, my confidence is amazingly higher, I’m no longer anxious and am generally more focused and more determined. I am finally living and enjoying life again.

Thanks, Dave

…I had an intense fear of blood tests, injections and anything remotely related. I would work myself up into such a panic that I would actually faint during the procedure. I then started the THRIVE programme and with Pat’s support and encouragement within a few weeks I began to feel like a different person. This programme has helped me with so many areas in my life, even things that I didn’t realise were causing me issues. My self-esteem and general well being is now so much higher than it was and I feel able to cope with any challenge set me in a positive way. I have now had 2 blood tests and an injection since I finished THRIVE – The proof was in the pudding – I didn’t faint. Today, when the nurse had finished I actually remarked “IS THAT IT.” I would recommend THRIVE to anyone. I am now the confident person I always wanted to be.

I am feeling brilliant. I feel back in control of my life and my own happiness once again… I have cut down drinking, am eating healthily, have quit smoking and am improving my finances. I would recommend to anyone… It was life changing.


I was suffering with constant headaches, brought on by stress. Working through the Thrive Programme® with Claire has helped enormously, I am much happier and have no headaches!

Thank you Claire x

… in short, this WILL help you change your life!


The Thrive programme has been excellent. It has empowered me to be far more aware. The techniques provided during Thrive are so simple yet so very very effective. Thank you.

Thrive helped me gain perspective and take control of my life. I no longer suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem. Thrive gives you everything you need to know to change your life for the better!


…my confidence and self-esteem has rocketed.

The sessions have made a huge difference to my life. I now feel less anxious, less stressed and less plagued by negative, unwanted thoughts. I feel much happier and more relaxed about life in general. The course helped me with my obsessive OCD symptoms (counting, touching things x 3) because I understand why I was doing it. I thought it would be difficult to stop this but it took just a few days when I understood my thinking.

Worth every penny – and so much more

I was finding it difficult to go to the bathroom in public. I had tried techniques but nothing comes close to what this delivers. In a very clear and step by step manner it illustrates how virtually any symptom you can think of – from obesity to ME to every day colds – is a result of poorly managed thinking. In little over five weeks I am more in control of my life than ever before, in a constant state of happiness and literally THRIVING – not just surviving.

“Yogi Nick”

Dearest Cara,

...I came to you for my emetophobia. Not only did you help with that, but also with my low self-esteem and social anxiety… you taught me the tools to deal with these and those tools and beliefs shall stay with me forever. My relationship with my children is now amazing, due to me being less stressed, less anxious and having so much more fun in life!! All my friends have seen such a dramatic change in me… I cant recommend you enough. THANK YOU, you have changed my life!!!

Maggie, 32

Amazing, life changing!

I have alopecia and not only did this change my life and my way of thinking it also made me feel better physically. My hair even started to return. Life’s too short and no one has ever taught us how to think and how to manage our thougts until now 🙂


I went to a Thrive Consultant® as I felt just a bit down but couldn’t figure out why as I’m normally quite a positive person. This is really very helpful and has changed the way I approach life and made me feel so damn happy. Sometimes I find myself just smiling away to myself. I feel so relieved. I’ve studied Psychology and finally there is an approach that makes sense.


This works! I overcame depression in 2 weeks…

Jonathan Evans

Fantastic – Life Changing

I had suffered from depression, anxiety and low self esteem for ever! And had read so many self help books, had acupuncture, CBT, counselling, medication etc, but none of them really helped long term. Thrive has totally changed my way of thinking. It is so simple when you know how! For the first time in my life I am actually Living!..


…I found coping with stress, worry and disappointment pretty intolerable. At that time I felt extremely depressed and lost in life. I have now literally walked away from those suicidal feelings and become someone who enjoys the company of others, can plan properly for the future and I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Thanks Beaula!


I have been suffering with OCD and low self-esteem since my teenage years… within 2 weeks I was gaining more confidence within myself and I was feeling more positive…


I had suffered with emetophobia for the last twenty years, and it was ruining my life: I couldn’t go out, couldn’t get a boyfriend, was obsessional about what I ate, and lived a life full of anxiety. Over the years I saw several different therapists, read every self-help book I could find, and even spent some time in a psychiatric institute!! All these ‘professionals’ said ‘they understood’ and ‘they could help’, and some even promised me a cure – none of them did, and in the meantime my phobia just got worse and worse. I could have saved 20 years of my life, about £10,000, and lots of ruined friendships – if I had read this book back then. AT LAST – not only does somebody understand this phobia, but speaks a language that normal people can understand… my emetophobia is completely gone!!! I mean COMPLETELY gone! For the first time in twenty years I feel alive and happy. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Della Johnson – London

For as long as I could remember I had a fear of flying and a fear of heights. As I got older it got progressively worse until the point that I struggled driving over low bridges. I travel regularly by flight and I used to get uptight and anxious for around three days prior to flying and a day afterward. Although I always got on the plane, traveling was such a horrific feeling and my quality of life was just horrendous. I learnt, through the Thrive programme that the route of my fear was my negative thinking and that I had the control to change it. My work has not only resolved my anxieties about heights and flying but has helped me transfer the techniques I’ve learnt to my hectic life of balancing my family, medicine, my diet, exercise and wellbeing and above all my formerly high levels of stress.

Thanks Stephen.

Dr Barry Kerr

Just a little message to thank you for everything Cara I really do feel great and very happy about the future now.


It was so fantastic to have someone listen to you and empathise actually understanding why you can feel so powerless. In the space of a few weeks I realised that I was in fact my own worst enemy and through changing the way I perceived situations, I learnt how to empower myself and take control of my thoughts. I am now moving forward with my life – growing more confident by the day. Thank you for helping me to get my life back – I now know that I can control my blushing – it doesn’t control me!

Kirsten, Loughborough

Through the course and with Beaula’s help I have indentified my negative thinking and realised how it was affecting me, learnt effective techniques to manage and change my thinking and am now a much happier person. I have more confidence and self-esteem as well as more belief in my ability to control and determine the course of my life. Since I completed the course I have improved immeasurably and after being single for three years even had the confidence and self-belief to ask out a guy I’d liked for ages – we have now been seeing each other for two months. I have been applying for jobs and despite having no success so far I am secure in the knowledge that I CAN AND WILL SUCCEED, with patience and determination. I’ve also recently taken up roller blading and begun learning playing the flute, spend more time socialising, made new friends and can now recognise these as achievements – Beaula taught me that it’s OK for me to be proud and I cannot thank her enough for her help.”

Thank you so much!

Lizzie x

For once in my life I feel free. I can do whatever I want to do. I can eat anything without hesitating. For 5 years I had been living with emetophobia. Now after doing the thrive programme I no longer have this phobia. Thank you so much Cara!

Marcus, 14

I now feel much more confident and relaxed with higher self esteem and the determination to set goals and achieve them. The best thing is knowing I have the choice and the power to change if I want to… My friends on the golf course were calling me “Super Soph” the other day as I was so relaxed and my golf so good – it’s definitely working for me.

Sophie James

I totally rid myself of my life-long fear of flying. After following Rob Kelly’s technique I breezed through the preparation for my flight and on take off I was actually looking out of the window and chatting happily to my partner. I never, ever thought this could happen. The rosary was left at home and the only alcohol involved was a celebratory bottle of champers on the flight to congratulate myself for finally letting go of my fear. Thanks!!!


Our 16 year old son was suffering from Emetophobia, which was destroying his life. He had also developed severe OCD tendancies. He was hospitalised and we were desperate to find him some help. He had incredibly low self esteem and found attending the sessions very hard. Every week brought new challenges and although sometimes this was incredibly difficult for him to cope with the difference is truely amazing. He has embarked on a completely different take on life. He no longer has OCD rituals which rule his life and he is eating! His weight has raised to 53k and he is now having driving lessons, has successfully returned to college and has recently secured a part time job. We are so pleased with his successes. We can’t praise Beaula’s professionalism enough. We would recommend her to anybody who needs some help to enjoy life.

What Rob has produced here is a book that cuts through reams of psychobabble and leaves the reader feeling genuinely in control of their world around them. Helped me no end. Top Marks!


This helped me a great deal to overcome sleeping problems and to solve other issues after having a baby.


As a psycholgy graduate I have spent 3 years reading tedious scientific journals to understand people, however I have learnt so much more about how people think, their thought processes and motivation in this single book. I have never read a book so interesting and honest, Rob Kelly gives an insight into who we are with accuracy. Most impressively of all, the way it has been written is unique, it is unpretentious and accessible to all.


When I first came to Stevie I felt pretty hopeless at getting rid of my social anxiety… I was also feeling semi-depressed and suffering stress related symptoms, I relied on Alcohol waaay to much to socialize. Anytime I bumped into anyone randomly I would go bright red, stammer and feel really shit about it. I never told anyone about this. I’ll not lie I felt hopeless, alone and scared. Then I went to meet Stevie Chan, he put me on the THRIVE programme. It took me a little longer to grasp it but when I did I felt fantastic. I can honestly say I haven’t felt depressed at all. Socially I’m a lot better; I can talk to people, be confident, play music, play sports and live my life… I’m still learning but I couldn’t relapse into the way I was before because I would know why I did so. The way I look at the programme is quite simple. It’s like keeping fit for your mind. Stevie was my personal trainer until I could do it all by myself! I’m a religious guy and I’m getting a Tattoo! (Before I would have died of guilt) Cheers, was a pleasure!

This has helped me to successfully battle stress, anxiety, living in the past and my negative outlook on life. I wake up every morning excited and happy to start the day now! Life is no longer the drag it was for me only 6 months ago!

Sarah Newton

I was worried about my teenage daughter, she had gone from being happy confident and bubbly to staying in her room and not being able to deal with life anymore. This course has been amazing – not only has it given me the confidence and knowledge to help my Daughter, who is now happier and is now building her self-confidence back up, but also changed my life too. I am now happier and more confident than I have ever been and understand a lot more about the way we think, which I can now pass on to my family. Many Thanks to Jon. S. L.

I have gone on to make many improvements and achievements, all of which I thought impossible before. 

Sarah b

Now that I know and understand how my mind works I feel more confident and more in control. No-one’s ever shown me that before. Thank you.

I found the program extremely useful to help develop an understanding of the way I think and perceive things around me, particularly with regards to self esteem and the locus of control/ need for external validation. The Thrive Programme® is extremely clear and having Fiona to guide me through the various exercises and help challenge some very ingrained ways of thinking was an excellent combination.Helena, London